What is Kangen Water ?

What Exactly is Kangen Water?   Alkaline ionized water is called Kangen Water.
Kangen is a Japanese word that means ‘return to origin’.



Kangen Water = Original Nature Water = Alkaline Ionized Water

Kangen Water Machine = Alkaline Ionized Water Machine (Water Ionizer)


For centuries, explorers from around the globe have searched for magical water. A curative spring, the fountain of youth; where pure and refreshing water could make the body healthy.

The search for healing water continued as scientists conducted experiments on places where water was said to have miraculous properties, like Lourdes in France and glacial streams in the Himalayas. They made an important discovery. The pH level (potential of hydrogen) of these beneficial waters tended to be very alkaline and highly ionized.

Forty years ago, Russian scientists ran ordinary water past magnetically charged plates and discovered it was a simple method for separating water into two streams. One alkaline, and one acidic: A process called ionization.

Tap water can be literally transformed into living, energized water. It’s called alkaline ionized water, or Kangen Water. Kangen Water is loaded with negatively-charged hydroxyl ions, which act as powerful and pervasive antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants actively seek out positively charged free radicals that wreak havoc on our cells. See our Anti-Oxidation Kangen Water Demo below (Video)

Alkaline ionized water is actually restructured during this process to significantly improve hydration, because the water comes easier for the body to absorb and utilize. Water from bottles or taps usually comes in clusters and groupings containing a 13-15 water molecules. But alkaline ionized water is reformed during ionization, and the water molecules are reduced to 5 or 6 per cluster. This allows the water to more easily penetrate the cells and, in turn, drinking Kangen means it will help us battle or even prevent many of the signs of chronic dehydration such as low energy, digestion disorders, constipation and obesity.

Drinking Kangen Water will help give your body back its own ability to function at its highest level and maintain a proper pH balance of 7.4. Kangen means bringing both the water and your body back to its origin. Kangen Water Machine is also capable of producing Strong Alkaline Water, with a pH greater than 11, and Strong Acidic Water, with a pH less than 3.0. Strong Alkaline Water has detergent-like qualities, can emulsify oil and remove oil-based pesticides from the food you eat, while Strong Acidic Water has anti-bacterial qualities and can kill viruses within 30 seconds of contact.

YouTube Video:
Alkaline Water Demonstration